High Tech / Semiconductor

Faster, Better, Smaller

The electronics industry continues to transform our lives. At the heart of these technological leaps are integrated circuits that are getting smaller, faster, and more powerful. We have extensive experience in the design of cleanrooms, tool installations, and utility systems critical to the success of semiconductor and electronics manufacturing facilities. Our projects range from complete factories, to individual tools, and everything in between.

Customer’s Bottom Line

We understand the need to maintain critical environmental conditions and have extremely reliable systems so that unnecessary down time does not impact the bottom line or cause the loss of valuable product. We also understand and are experienced in the highly cross-discipline nature of these challenging manufacturing environments. Our ability to manage complex projects ensures success.


EEA has excellent relationships with specialty process designers, structural engineers, and architects who are highly experienced in the hi-tech industry. This allows us to handle the design and project management in this rapidly evolving and fast-paced industry.