Higher Education

Creating Spaces to Learn

Design and construction in higher education facilities must result in spaces that are safe, highly functional, and efficient. They must serve to support and enhance the learning experience of the ultimate end customer: the student. We strive to provide environments that are comfortable, consistent, and user-friendly, so that education can prosper.

Versatility is Key

Higher education campuses can be like small cities: work, residence, recreation, food service, and retail spaces all exist in close proximity to one another. Understanding the individual needs of the spaces and how they interface is a requirement for higher education and university design. EEA’s diverse higher education experience includes classroom, laboratory, cleanroom, office, gymnasium, retail, cafeteria, residence hall spaces, and the physical plant utilities to support all of the above.

Research Settings

When research spaces are designed for higher education facilities, safety as well as functionality is of the upmost importance. As more universities in the state are granted emerging research status, the need for new and expanded facilities is increasing. EEA’s long history of high-tech, laboratory, research, and higher education design spans over 30 years in new construction and renovation projects.