EEA has been providing engineering services to industrial and manufacturing clients for over 25 years. We often serve in the prime consultant role over a wide variety of industries including electronics, heavy manufacturing, and food manufacturing. We have completed thousands of projects including new construction and process and utility infrastructure renewal in existing facilities. Some of our longest on-going client relationships are with our industrial sector clients.

Engineering Excellence

Critical factors for industrial facilities include uptime, reliability, flexibility, maintainability, and continuous process improvement. Our clients expect us to know what we’re doing and to respond like we are a part of the company – their company. Our extensive experience with a variety of manufacturing clients and processes has led to engineering excellence in a number of highly technical areas:

  • Critical Environments – clean manufacturing spaces, tight temperature and humidity control
  • Process Utility Systems – high purity water, bulk chemical distribution, clean dry and sterile compressed air
  • Industrial Ventilation – process exhaust capture and post-treatment
  • Hazardous Environments - code analysis and design for H-Occupancies and electrically-classified spaces