Unique Facilities, Unique Challenges

Advancements in modern medicine have given us access to life improving, and lifesaving, drugs and other biological products. This has made time to market and product quality are critical to the industry. Providing timely design of facilities that meet Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), will withstand regulatory oversight, and deliver safe products to the end customer are the measures of success. EEA has a team of experienced engineers who has done just that.

Quality Engineered

We understand the success factors that drive Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology facility design. Environmental details such as space cleanliness, temperature, and humidity must be maintained in order to guarantee repeated delivery of safe products. Biocontainment boundaries must be protected to prevent the release of harmful infectious agents. Utility systems such as Pure Steam and Water for lnjection (WFI) must be designed to meet the rigorous US Pharmacopeia standards and hold up under repeated quality assurance testing.

A Collaboration That Hears You

EEA is proud to announce our alliance with other pharmaceutical industry experts to form the Klyo Collaborative, a full service team that provides “A-Team only” expertise in life science process and facility design, construction, automation, and regulatory compliance. Klyo is Greek for “to hear”. The goal of the collaborative is to listen to and provide innovative solutions for the challenges faced by struggling start-up biotech firms and world class pharmaceutical companies. Other partners in the collaborative include Rockwell Automation, The Beck Group, CBR International, Holtz Biopharma Consulting, Laurus Bio, and McDay LLC.

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