It’s Good To Have Fun

For most of the services that EEA provides, the best indication of a job well done is when the occupants don’t know we were there. Air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems should just work, and what happens behind the walls or above the ceiling should be invisible to the customer. But for recreational sites, it is different. Success can be seen in the throng of children enjoying the facility, and heard in their shrieks and laughter. We have enjoyed providing design services for several water-parks and recreational fountains.


In 2001, we were asked if we could figure out how to design pools & waterparks. The answer was a quick YES. Since then, EEA has designed aquatic centers at the entrances to several high end residential areas in Central and East Texas. Over the years, EEA designed the hydraulics and electrical systems for what is now the Liz Carpenter Fountain and the Hyatt Lost Pines resort, including waterslides, splash pads, and a lazy river. It’s been great to take friends, family, and kiddos to see and enjoy some of the projects we have worked on.