Religious Institutions

A Comfortable Assembly

EEA understands that Religious Worship assembly areas require special attention in order to provide a comfortable worship environment. One’s experience in the building should focus on the spiritual event, not the MEP systems. While the HVAC, lighting, and plumbing systems are part of the building, they must contribute to the experience in a positive manner. HVAC systems must be quiet and comfortable to the occupants while maintaining efficient operation. Proper lighting design will highlight aspects of the building and allow visual comfort for all types of assembly. Plumbing systems must have quiet operation and be sufficient for high demand use.

Multi-functional Facilities

Religious Worship buildings have important needs in addition to the main assembly rooms. Classrooms, child care areas, administration offices, meeting rooms, kitchen areas, and transitory spaces are vital to a Religious Worship property. Although the assembly areas may be the most important spaces, the ancillary spaces are necessary to provide for the additional needs of the religious community. All of the rooms must be able to accommodate the busiest day and be able to function well with only a few people.