Electrical Master Planning

Engineering Beyond a Single Building

EEA has extensive experience in the higher education sector, where electrical distribution is owned and maintained by the campus. This has provided on-going opportunities for designing medium voltage distribution systems and planning for future development. Additionally, EEA has worked with landscape architects to redevelop the outdoor environment for a variety of campuses, parks, and housing developments. EEA’s master planning experience ranges from the installation of new head end medium voltage distribution systems and campus distribution loops, to site lighting design and special events power for Austin’s vibrant live music scene.

Medium Voltage Distribution

Since new campus designs are rare opportunities, our expertise is derived from a long history of extending medium voltage (MV) service to new buildings; expanding, upgrading, and relocating MV loops; and planning for future campus development. For example, when EEA designed the new Satellite Utility Plant for The University of Texas at Dallas, the remote location required a new electrical service. As part of the new MV service designed for the plant, EEA included new head end infrastructure for a future campus loop to serve planned buildings in that area.

Outdoor Environment Planning

EEA has been privileged to help redevelop the outdoor environment for city parks departments, university campuses, and even hospitals. We have worked with the City of Austin Parks Department to redevelop the Town Lake Park area and helped redevelop Cameron Park in Waco. We participated in The University of Texas at El Paso Campus Transformations project, which converted an entire campus that was dominated by asphalt into an impressive natural landscape. We have also worked on the design of multiple new neighborhood developments. These projects combine the technical effort of underground medium voltage distribution with the subtle art of landscape lighting. Many of EEA’s master planning and site projects have included special event power planning as well.