Energy Conservation

Facing the Challenge

EEA understands the difficulties building Owners and Operators face in managing annual utility costs. Rising energy and water costs can place immense stress on businesses and public entities of any size, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Outdated building systems and control strategies can be vastly improved with a building energy audit, and EEA has over 30 years of successful energy conservation auditing, retrofit design, and implementation oversight.

Energy is Core to Who We Are

EEA was founded in 1977 as Energy Engineering Associates, a small firm specializing in energy audits for public institutions. While our company and scope of services have expanded over time, energy conservation has continued to be a thriving core of our practice. We have audited over 43 million square feet of commercial, industrial, research, and educational space, saving our customers approximately $29 million in annual savings with an average payback of 3.2 years.

The Detective Work is Key

At the heart of any effective building energy audit is the data -- the historical portrait of how the building operates and consumes electricity, natural gas, and water. When diagnosing issues with system performance, utility bills often do not provide enough detailed information to truly understand how building systems operate. We have our own tools and equipment and a host of trained engineering staff capable of performing measurements to analyze air conditioning system performance and log electrical consumption over time. This allows us to uncover truths that would otherwise remain hidden and enforce educated decision making on energy solutions.

Whether upgrading 30 year old buildings containing outdated lighting and Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment, or trouble-shooting new buildings that just aren’t operating as expected, EEA has decades of experience with system analysis and energy improvement design. To learn more click on one of our featured case studies, or Contact Us so we may learn more about how we can help lower your utility costs.